Fabio can appear in the back, midfielder and other locations, is a rare million gold oil players, he played in the last season's FA games, scored 9 goals in the Champions League (including Qualifying tournament) also has 3 goals into account Michael Chaput Jersey. Excellent play to Fabio caused a number of giants of concern, according to the news of the French media, Manchester United and Paris is the most promising to get Fabiano. The source close to the Everton club hinted that the two additional terms is not the kind of simply can not match the standard Kevin Connauton Jersey, so in the next five years, Manchester United is likely to dig this 15 million pounds Cody Goloubef Jersey. In fact, Old Trafford has traditionally had a tradition of adding additional terms to the player transfer contract, which usually includes the number of goals, the number of international matches, the winning heavyweight trophy, and so on. From the current point of view, since Costa Rica exposure to his message, his players and Chelsea are a double lose situation, Costa is difficult to find the ideal home Luke Adam Jersey, and even face no ball can play the situation, and the hole Tim has not signed the favorite center, Lukaku was Manchester United cut off the hug, the Blues suffered a fatal blow.