The referee has always been an important part of all the finals and may even be decisive Michael Chaput Jersey. This is why I have been in favor of introducing video support referee reasons, can not let a team a year of effort because of a stupid misjudgment once, even this may be the referee or his assistant from the heart of the penalty. "Card handsome words, because some misjudgment on the court belongs to the referee's mistakes, but there are some part of the whistle intentionally. Effectiveness of Sevilla, Barcelona, ??Juventus these three clubs, Alves has 14 times played in the international finals, even more than any European club, after all, the most Barcelona only 12 times. Among them, the Brazilian played for Sevilla 4 times, played for Brazil 1, the Champions League final is Alves first played with Juventus. 13 times before the International Competition finals, Alves even made 12 wins and 1 loss of amazing results John Ramage Jersey, the only time the loss of the 2007 European Super Cup lost to AC Milan Rene Bourque Jersey. Hedi La and Cross are the main players of the German national team, and the two are the German team to win the 2014 World Cup midfielder partner in Germany to win a great role in the win Anton Forsberg Jersey. His two beloved to participate in the upcoming Champions League final, Loew is also an interview on the two greatly appreciated.