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Fabio can appear in the back

Le 20 July 2017, 10:36 dans Humeurs 0

Fabio can appear in the back, midfielder and other locations, is a rare million gold oil players, he played in the last season's FA games, scored 9 goals in the Champions League (including Qualifying tournament) also has 3 goals into account Michael Chaput Jersey. Excellent play to Fabio caused a number of giants of concern, according to the news of the French media, Manchester United and Paris is the most promising to get Fabiano. The source close to the Everton club hinted that the two additional terms is not the kind of simply can not match the standard Kevin Connauton Jersey, so in the next five years, Manchester United is likely to dig this 15 million pounds Cody Goloubef Jersey. In fact, Old Trafford has traditionally had a tradition of adding additional terms to the player transfer contract, which usually includes the number of goals, the number of international matches, the winning heavyweight trophy, and so on. From the current point of view, since Costa Rica exposure to his message, his players and Chelsea are a double lose situation, Costa is difficult to find the ideal home Luke Adam Jersey, and even face no ball can play the situation, and the hole Tim has not signed the favorite center, Lukaku was Manchester United cut off the hug, the Blues suffered a fatal blow.

But Atletico and Monaco and Monaco

Le 20 July 2017, 10:36 dans Humeurs 0

But Atletico and Monaco and Monaco signed an insurance agreement to avoid the waist of the 2017-18 season in the first half of the risk of injury, while Fabio may also play next season's Champions League, if so , He can not represent the Atletico in the Champions League appearance, which is also the need for the Spanish giants and the French champions to negotiate. The current contract of Fabiano and Monaco in 2021 expires Pierre-Luc Dubois Jersey, if he joined Atletico, then this is a huge blow to Manchester United, but also news that Atletico has not yet finalized the move of the star Joonas Korpisalo Jersey. Suolangke and Chelsea contract expired this summer, Chelsea did not have the opportunity to England young striker choose to leave, Liverpool announced on May 30 agreement with Solank. In this summer's World Youth Championship, as the main leader of the three lions, Suolangke in this session on the performance is extremely good Blue Jackets Jerseys, he led the England U20 all the way through the finals and eventually won the championship, which is the three lions since 1966 World Cup won the world championship. Inter Milan will be the acquisition of Chelsea midfielder Matech this summer, is expected to Chelsea's asking price is 40 million euros, and before Matic is considered to join Manchester United, but it seems that Chelsea will not sell this iron waist to the Red Devils Jack Johnson Jersey, Inter Milan has the opportunity to embrace the star.

Marshall scored his first 25 goals

Le 20 July 2017, 10:36 dans Humeurs 0

Marshall scored his first 25 goals after landing at the old Trafford stadium, after which Manchester United would pay additional payments to his old club, Monaco, under the terms of the additional terms contained in the transfer contract A transfer fee of  8.4 million. In the future, if Marshall played for the French national team to reach 25 games William Karlsson Jersey, or the young players won the European Golden Globe Award nomination, then Manchester United still need to pay an additional transfer fee Blue Jackets Jerseys Cheap. Costa also realized that he was in a situation where he came from the news of the Daily Star, said Costa was interested and Khouty and he wanted to ease the relationship with the Italians, because Costa did not want to be in January No ball before kick. An insider told the Daily Star, "why not? The crazy thing has happened, but it is only a small friction, Chelsea always try to calm down the situation Artem Anisimov Jersey." Chelsea and Manchester United on the transfer of Mahiqi reached a consensus, the Serbian iron waist will be 40 million pounds to join the Red Devils, the transfer fee is 40 million pounds, the two sides will sign four years, Matic's weekly salary is 150,000 pounds , When the British media also pointed out that Matic added Manchester United's deal will be in the next 48 hours to obtain official announcement Ryan Craig Jersey.

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